If you are a rare diamond of woman making your way in the male-dominated semiconductor industry, you just might have a stash of unusual diamonds. Raw and uncut, colored with antique cuts, these are just a few pieces in her drawer full of bold Natasha Wozniak pieces.
 For a travelling nurse, earrings of polar bear teeth (legally obtained and gifted to her), a dark antler motif, and star-like diamonds. A tribute to the ever-dark winters she spent with the indigenous population above the arctic circle.
 Her writing enthralled me, and the first time I laid eyes on her, she stepped onto stage, draped in a snake….
 Madly obsessive about technique…because why else would this bracelet have 63 individual pieces, and even more solder joints? The filigree was inlaid and soldered into the gold laminated silver sheet after it was pierced by a saw blade barely larger than a piece of hair. Only a couple of these bracelets exist, for obvious reasons.
Bold Wrought Collar.jpg
 Armored up, beautifully. It’s heavy, you definitely won’t forget you are wearing it, and nobody who meets you will fail to notice. The love child of an Art Nouveau master and the local blacksmith, in silver, which has been subversively blackened.
Bold wrought panel.jpg
 Modern life is tough, why shouldn’t we wear jewelry that shows what warriors we are? Delicate and beautiful, yes, but make no mistake, we have this handled.
 For the times when you want to channel Bjork, steal the show. Strange, rare, and likely imaginary flowering trees were plucked from the the wind-blown cliffside of a Tibetan thangka painting to adorn your neck.
Wrought Inlay Cuff.jpg
 Arms covered in swirling tattoos, with a toss of the locks that went all the way down his back, he told me “I want a bold ring, one that will make people notice and not forget me”. As if….this Haitian-born artist is far from a shrinking violet, and required a bold ring to match his unbound energy.
Bold Flower Earrings.jpg
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