Marketing: connecting with story

Video, writing, public talks, and social media campaigns are some of the tools used to create awareness, engagement and buy-in for products and causes.

Braving my first live TV interview in Nepali.

Braving my first live TV interview in Nepali.

Bekti Bishaya Ra Bishesh

I appeared on a Nepali news morning show to talk about my history with Nepal, our rebuilding program, and the general state of development in Nepal.

It was challenging to give an interview all in Nepali and the reporter tried his best to get me to go off script and make a controversial statement, but I kept the organization and team objectives in mind by giving insightful but diplomatic answers.

Full clip available for Nepali speakers or the otherwise curious:

Terai Man with Rice.JPG

Disaster Relief Essentials for First-Timers

An informational article to help volunteers heading to a disaster zone, based on the experiences of the Sangsangai team after the earthquake, and flood relief efforts in 2017.

Video production

Video proved to be the most powerful tool in telling the story of the village of Rainaskot, giving a window into the lives of people in Nepal post-earthquake.

The following videos were shot by Natasha, Bibek and Kiran of Sangsangai, edited entirely by Natasha.

A SHort Video Highlighting the story of Rainaskot

A thank you from the village of rainaskot to donors overseas

In 2015, as Thanksgiving approached, we wanted to share a message of gratitude with the donors. As directors of the project, we had been able to experience the expression of gratitude in person, and wanted to convey that feeling to the people (our donors) who made it all possible. In those early days, we went by the name Fund for Lamjung.

Natasha Ligligkot Speech.jpg

Public Speaking

Whether it is in a village in Nepal or at the Fulbright Conference in Washington DC, my talks are always tailored and aimed at communicating a message that will benefit and connect to the audience.

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Topics have included:

Our use of the participatory approach of working with the villagers

Managing the risks inherent in a large community development project

How I personally have overcome my doubts to take on a such a monumental project in a field where I have no prior experience

How artists can better position themselves to sell, and cultivate high-end clients