Calling Kate and Megan…oh wait, my mistake, this ring is for a QUEEN! A Columbian emerald as rare as anything you will find in the royal vault, with a design to match.
 When it comes to a very serious devotee, only a Ganesh in 18K gold and rubies will do. Jai Jai!
 Which one is not like the other? Four women, four distinct styles. Pink and yellow gold curlicues abound, while the ring platinum and diamonds is a rare turn towards minimalism.
 Born of an obsession with positive and negative space and the elegance of curves, these kinetic earrings are beautiful from every direction. Wear you hair up, and the attention will come from all sides.
 Playful and bright Brazilian tourmaline meets sculpted gold leaves. Can you hear the sounds of the birds in the rainforest? The sunlight filters through the canopy overhead, the green of the leaves so intense it imprints on your retinas…
 I know, the gem looks like candy, you may even have the strange urge to lick it. This rubellite is so exquisite that it remained in the studio for multiple years, just to receive the admiration it deserved before being sent off to a suitable home.
 Those pearls…somewhere in the South Pacific, an oyster spent 4 years making them. If you spot them on the owner, nod in appreciation of this little-known fact.
 Which of your beloveds would earn a spot in this locket, next to your heart? Glimpses of the photo coyly peek out, as if from an intricately carved window in an ancient city.
Luxe Engagement RIng.jpg
Luxe Scrolling Flourish Rings.jpg
 “She’s not a diamond girl, and that is why she is perfect for me”, he had told me. We put the colored gems casually on the counter, but our host Peter was so darn awkward about the whole thing, that she figured out our scheme in a second. Thankfully, she said yes…and then picked out this Tsavorite garnet.
Luxe Foliage Rings.jpg
 The directive was to liberate this tanzanite from a generic piece of commercial jewelry stuffed in a drawer. Having come to life from that bland setting, this gem now adorns the finger of the owner every day.
Nancy Ring angled.jpg
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