Dirt Talisman

Dirt talisman rainaskot.jpg
Dirt talisman rainaskot.jpg

Dirt Talisman


Next to your heart. A bit of a special, sacred place.

A little bit of magic happened before I left for my first trip to help with the rebuilding of Rainaskot, Nepal, a village damaged by the earthquake of April 2015. A group of people stepped up to support me. Their request? A special pendant containing some dirt from Rainaskot. I took a handful of dirt from the foundation of one of the first houses to be rebuilt. 

Upon my return, the vision I had was to create a simple, square pendant that resembled the square amulets that many people in the mountains of Nepal wear. Simple bundles of sacred materials, given by a lama or shaman, to protect and bless them as they go about their lives. The result was this silver pouch. 

Join the others wearing a bit of Rainaskot, or choose a material from another place. I have black sand from Bali, and dirt from the desert of Arizona, or send me your own. It could also contain other sacred materials such as ashes.

The dirt or sand is sealed in a plastic square before being placed in the silver pouch.

The cord is black or brown leather in a variety of lengths with a silver clasp. 
Measures 1.25" square

Cord Length:
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