Valkyrie Wing Earrings

Valkyrie Wing Earrings


The wing ring, first introduced in January of 2015 has given flight to many accomplished women (and a few men). Human rights have been defended, books have been written, speeches have been delivered. It is the talisman that can be used to remind the wearer of how truly powerful they are, at that moment when it is difficult to hang on to that vision.

One of the energies of the Valkyries, is that once they are committed to action, the follow through becomes inevitable.

Personally, as the creator of the Valkyrie ring, I unexpectedly began to rebuild a village in Nepal after the earthquake. At many moments when the ocean of despair lapped at my feet, when faced with the enormity of the task, I engaged the energy of the wing, and re-engaged with the inevitability of succeeding at the task.

Sterling silver, 2.25" long with earwires

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