Illuminating Hope: a collaboration with artist Rima Fujita

Project Details:

I collaborated with pastel artist Rima Fujita to transform her artwork into a 3D animated narrative, blending handmade textures with a unique 3D environment.

The primary challenge was to accurately portray the character's three-dimensional appearance and create movements that aligned with the character and narrative. Additionally, technical tasks like retopology and UV unwrapping required meticulous attention to detail.
This project allowed me to refine my character animation workflow and explore new tools. I utilized Zbrush for initial work, 3D Coat for retopology, Rizom for UV unwrapping, Substance Painter for texturing, Accurig for rigging, Cascadeur for character animation, Cinema 4D for scene creation and animation, and Redshift for rendering.
The animation received positive feedback from viewers outside the usual CG film and video game audience. They appreciated the animation's unique style and the tranquil atmosphere it conveyed.

Artwork by Rima Fujita and animation by Natasha Wozniak