Nepal, 2016

Nepal, 2016


It was the on the shores of Lake Michigan...

in the 1980’s, where I spent my childhood either with my nose in a book about faraway places or deep into making art. Endless curiosity and ambitious endeavors are the twin threads running through my life ever since.

The things that I am most proud of? Founding and running a handmade jewelry business in NYC for 15 years, and rebuilding a village in Nepal after the earthquake.

Aside from these major projects I have taken on fun and interesting side projects and adventures; learning traditional lost-wax sculpture in Nepal, performing Balinese dance at the Brooklyn Academy of Music, organizing an annual event for a Brazilian martial arts group, designing costumes for a festival in Bali, and teaching New Yorkers ancient metalsmithing techniques in Midtown Manhattan.

What’s next?

In 2017, we completed the village of Rainaskot, and it has become a roaring success, with over 3000 overnight guests in the first year, and an award from the tourism dept. 2018 brought the completion of the Barbandi community center, the only major gathering point for community in that area of the Kavre district.

In 2019, Sangsangai will be have a fundraising campaign in order to build a Fair Trade felt workshop in a village called Bhirpani, bringing 50+ full-time jobs to a community with little opportunity.

Personally, I have begun studying how to create digital products, and have plans to create some products to promote internal trade in Nepal. While learning this process, I am looking to bring my know-how in project management and marketing to another organization or business.

In the meantime, reach out if you want a piece of custom jewelry.

Or visit the site of my non-profit Sangsangai to support our ongoing projects in Nepal.