My path to 3D animation

With 2+ decades of experience working in real-world 3D, making metal sculpture and fine jewelry, I became obsessed with the world of 3D animation after being introduced to it by a friend. Starting with modeling, I have taken deep dives into various parts of the craft, including materials, lighting, animation techniques and rendering. I also learned 2D animation in order to diversify my skills and to open the door for mixing the two media.

I am dedicated to my craft and lifelong learning. I love being able to see the images that live in my imagination come to life, while delighting and informing the viewers. I have extensive training and practical experience in marketing and business, which helps me connect the dots between business strategy and content creation.

My Tools

The tools I use to create, from animation to app design.

My Training and Experience

  • BS in Art from University of Wisconsin-Madison
  • Fulbright Scholar in Sculpture-Nepal
  • Cinema 4D Ascent-School of Motion Spring 2021
  • Animation Bootcamp-School of Motion Winter 2022
  • Freelance Illustrator and UI Designer for companies in software, tech/legal advisory, construction and non-profit since 2018

Before I was a 3D animator...

For more than 15 years, I designed, fabricated and marketed my collection of fine jewelry, reaching clients across the US and abroad.

Some of the work I produced over the years can be seen here.

From this experience, I learned about crafting a marketing message and how to work with clients directly to fulfill their wishes.

After the 2015 earthquake in Nepal, I embarked on the adventure of a lifetime, founding a non-profit to help rebuild rural areas.

Our team succeeded in rebuilding the village of Rainaskot, seen here, and completed projects in 3 other villages while the organization was active. Read more here.

Leading this project helped me become proficient in teamwork, project management and collaboration.

Looking for help with your 3D animation or 2D design?

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