DeMarini Baseball Bat Knob Innovation

Project Details:

DeMarini reinvented the way they manufacture the knobs on their baseball bats and they needed a short, impactful video that would show the process.

With only 15 seconds to tell the story, there was a lot to fit into the video. It had to be very clear and show all of the steps of making the knob up until we see the batter hitting with the finished bat.
I looked at the written description of the manufacturing process, and drawing on my background in making physical products, I narrowed the steps down to some specific processes. Milling and thermoplastic injection being the key ones.

Then it was a matter of creating quick transitions between the various steps and simplifying the imagery of each step while maintaining accuracy in the details. For example, how do metal shavings from milling look, and where are the seams on the injection mold.  

The video was created with Cinema4D, Substance, Redshift, Trapcode and AfterEffects.

With nearly 800,000 views on YouTube and more than 2000 interactions on Instagram, the followers of DeMarini have been well-informed of this manufacturing innovation. Additionally, the information is included in all of the individual bat videos, ensuring that anyone looking to buy a DeMarini bat will be informed of this innovation.

Creative Director: Aaron Robnett, Art Director: Ian Johnson, Brand Manager: Matt Vericker
2D/3D Animation: Natasha Wozniak
Bat Model: DeMarini