My Vessel of Magic

Project Details:

I am the vessel.
For all that I contain,
with just a sign,
and a nudge,
I will unleash it
into this world,
with shimmering magic.

The Concept:
For my new intro for my demo reel, I decided to dive into some very personal themes. My artistic sensibility has a big influence from thetime that I spend in Nepal as a Fulbright scholar studying sculpture. The hand is directly inspired by a sculpture I made when there, with the same style of hands that the Buddhist statue makers I studied with use in their work.
My years as a metalsmith also shine through in the design of the vessel, which was sculpted in Zbrush.

Finally, I added in some of my favorite, particles, to spell out my name.

Tools used:
Zbrush, Substance Painter, Cinema 4D, X-Particles

A sample of the animation included in the video. This hand was optimized in order to have the most fluid movement after it was animated, as can be seen by the mesh pattern. Just like hands are difficult to draw, hands are difficult to sculpt and animate. After several different animations with hands, this one was the result from learning from prior struggles.