Medical Centrifuge-technical animation

Project Details:

The manufacturer needed a video of the centrifuge for their booth at a trade show. It has a very specific cell separation system, which they wanted to express.

The first challenge was to prep the CAD model for animation as CAD programs and animation programs use a different system of calculating geometry, which can result in jagged surfaces.

After this was prepared, the other big challenge was to simulate the liquids in a way that accurately represented the consistency and behavior of those liquids in real life along with the sequence in which these liquids move in and out of the chamber.
In order to replicate the liquids, I used X-particle fluid simulations and retimed them once they had the right feel so the order and speed of the liquids in and out of the chamber matched the specifications of the engineers from the company.

I also sought to elevate the look of the render from the normal standard for industrial equipment, using lighting techniques and materials that are more commonly used for consumer product renders.

The team used this animation on the front of their booth, and with the attractive visuals and accurate functionality of the centrifuge represented, it was easy for them to talk about the machine with attendees of the show.

Done in collaboration with the team at PDXR.

Preview of the fluid simulation using particles